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 Innovative Technology Solutions & Trusted Consulting

Defense agencies and contractors trust AeroMarineTech to provide the technology concept solutions and consulting services they require. We work closely with a range of companies and institutions to implement the best in aviation and maritime systems science and technology concepts, giving the U.S. Joint Force the the edge it needs to remain the best in the world.



AeroMarineTech specializes in advanced science and technology concepts for the defense of the nation. Our partners and clients include the Department of Defense and its subcontractors; we focus on DARPA and the Office of Naval Research. Our competencies include:

• Developing Innovative System Concepts to Meet "DARPA-Hard" or Similarly Challenging Program Requirements
Consulting on or Leading Business Development Efforts - Analyzing a Client’s Capability & Resources & Matching Them to Developing Opportunities in Maritime or Aviation Science & Technology Programs
• Using Fleet Operational Experience to Develop Achievable Maritime & Aviation System Concepts of Operation (CONOPS)
• Leading or Assisting Test & Evaluation Projects
• Capture Management - from Opportunity Identification to Contract Award
• Complex Proposal Management
• Assistance in Transitioning a System through the “Valley of Death” between S&T & a “Program of Record” in a Formal Acquisition Program

Trust Us

AeroMarineTech adds value at any level of maritime and aviation science and technology programs. Our technology consulting and solutions have proven invaluable to contractors and defense organizations time and again.

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